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Charity Status Number  SC 024171

A Charity Registered in Scotland




Conditions of Let



1)       No alcohol will be consumed on hall premises without prior permission, however persons hiring the hall may obtain an alcoholic license with committee’s prior approval.  A photocopy of the licence must be made available to the committee at least 24 hours prior to the event.  The person whose name is on the license must be the person who is running and has responsibility for the bar.  It is the responsibility of the named license holder (or establishment) to conform to all Licensing Laws whilst operating an alcoholic bar within Crawfordjohn Public Hall.

No alcohol may be brought into the Hall by hirers or their guests whilst a bar selling alcohol is opertive.


2)       The preservation of proper order both within and out with the premises shall in all cases be the responsibility of the tenant.


3)       Passages, corridors and doorways shall be kept free from obstruction and all doors kept unlocked during the period of occupancy.


4)       Health & Safety and Fire Safety Procedures shall be explained to the  person hiring the hall and it is then the responsibility of that person to make sure that the Fire Safety Notices and emergency exits are pointed out to the hall users on that occasion


5)        It is the responsibility of the tenant to read and adhere to the Hall Committee’s Policies on Health and Safety, etc, which are contained in the Hall Users Handbook, available for inspection within the Kitchen area on the shelf next to First Aid.


6)       It is the responsibility of the tenant to ensure Traffic management procedures are in place for safety of vehicles and pedestrians during their event.


7)       Child Protection:- All organisations, dealing with young people, and using the hall must satisfy the Booking Sec. that their organisation has an  approved Child Protection Policy in place.


8)       The hall shall not be used for any purpose other than that stated in the relevant schedule of let and shall not be sublet.

8a)    No rooms adjoining the main hall shall be used for any purpose other than that for which it is set apart, unless with the consent of the committee.


9)      No petrol, oil or other substance of a flammable nature shall be allowed within the hall without prior consent.


10)   No Bouncy Castles or other inflatable devies can be used inside the hall or in the hall grounds (our Insurers will not provide indemnity for events involving these items).


11)   The number of persons attending the let shall be restricted to the licensed capacity of the hall as stated in the relative schedule of let and tickets shall not be issued in excess thereof.

12)   No nails or screws shall be driven into the structure, furniture, fixtures or fittings of the hall.


13)   No extra fittings, stage curtains, drapes, props or decorations shall be erected or brought into the hall without prior approval of the committee. Before approval will be given, the tenant must guarantee that all material is rendered fireproof.


14)   No alteration or addition to the existing lighting shall be carried out, no additional power sockets installed or use made of existing power sockets and no public address system, record player, tape-recorder, cinematography or similar equipment used without prior consent of the committee.


15)   The use of any kitchen facilities shall be subject to them being left in a clean and tidy condition with all refuse removed and a charge shall be made for such use.  No children under 10 shall be permitted in the kitchen at any time. An adult must accompany all other children at all times.

 15a) Please recycle materials as required by the local council directive.   Bins are supplied (labelled) within the kitchen and at the end of the event refuse should be transferred to the correct outside  bin.


16)  All property belonging to the caterers or tenants shall be removed immediately after conclusion of the let unless the committee agrees otherwise.


17)   It is the responsibility of all tenants to wipe, put away all tables and chairs etc., to sweep or mop floors of all rooms used for the let, remove any decorations and have kitchen in a clean and tidy order immediately after the let is finished i.e.: that night or afternoon (unless approval is given otherwise by the committee). The committee may charge extra if the hall is not left in a suitable condition..


18)   Crawfordjohn Public Hall Association (CPHA) shall not be liable for any loss or damage to property or goods used or exhibited in the hall or left by tenant or persons attending thereat.


19)   It is a condition of all lets that CPHA is freed and relieved of all responsibility for loss and damage arising directly or indirectly from an Act of God, war, strikes, riots, lockouts, trade disputes, fire, flood, or similar occurrences within or out with the building or any cause beyond the control of the committee.


20)   CPHA shall have the right at their discretion, by notice in writing personally given or sent by registered post and addressed to the tenant, of cancelling a let if, in their opinion, circumstances have arisen which indicate that damage to hall property might ensue if the let were not cancelled and when CPHA exercise this right any money paid to the committee will be refunded to the tenant.


21)   Payment from clubs and regular users is required quarterly. If payment is not received, access for the club or user will be denied until payment has been made.


22)   Deposit & Outstanding Balance


  1. Tenant shall be responsible for any damage caused by or arising out of their occupancy to the fabric of the building or to property or furniture therein.
  2. A refundable deposit of £_ __ is required to be sent along, with the booking form to confirm hall reservation. Said deposit will be returned if the hall is left as it should be (see rule 16 for full details).
  3. There will be an additional charge of £_ __ if bookings are cancelled less than 5 days before the booked date.
  4. When the event is open to the public the tenant is advised to take out public liability cover.


23)   The total charges due by a private tenant shall be paid on receipt of invoice from the hall association treasurer after the event.


24)   CPHA reserves the right to add to, alter or cancel any of these regulations.


25)   CPHA reserves the right to refuse applicants the use of Crawfordjohn Public Hall.


26)   CPHA will impose an extra charge of £40 in the event of excess rubbish is left such as to need a special uplift by the Cleansing Dept..



Revised  2018